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Take-Along Shape Sorter.

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Suitable for age 9 months and over.

More than a shape sorter - this is an on-the-go activity center!

With nine plastic shapes and the padded carrying case, children can lift crinkly flaps, identify the pictures, match the shapes, and drop the textured blocks through the sorter . . . then pull the plush dog around the edge to unzip the case and start it all again!

This fantastic game and learning activity toy is great for enjoying together or for independent play, and are sure to keep little ones giggling while they learn.

The easy-to-grasp padded handle makes it easy to carry the whole set from place to place.

Discover Countless Ways To Play:

9M+: Lay the case in front of the child and guide baby's hand to lift and crinkle one of the flaps. Allow baby to explore the flaps on his or her own.
9M+: With all the pieces inside, hold the case by the handle and shake it gently to make a rattling sound. Guide baby's hand to grasp and shake the handle.
9M+: Place the shape blocks on the floor in front of baby. Encourage baby to pick up a block. Challenge baby to pick up a second block in the other hand and knock the two blocks together.
12M+: Help the child identify the different colors of the shape blocks. Say a color name aloud and help the child point to the block of that color.
12M+: Encourage the child to grasp the dog zipper pull and help the child to slide it from side to side, moving the zipper back and forth.
12M+: Divide the blocks into three groups of three, and count each group aloud. Help the child point to each piece as you count it.
18M+: Hand the child one of the blocks and ask the child to match it to one of the flap pictures. Say the shape name aloud.
18M+: Encourage the child to place the shape blocks into the shape-sorter frame.
18M+: Identify the pictures and shapes on the flap side of the box. Ask the child to point to each picture as you name it.

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